I'm having a hard time getting the proper diagnostic images, how can SonoPath help?

  • Hands On Ultrasound Education:
  • SDEP Certification Option
    • Certification for the SonoPath Diagnostic Efficiency Protocol (SDEP™) is awarded to those 
sonographers (either veterinarian or technician) with the highest level of sonographic image capture skills (still and video) 

    • Combined with the most diagnostically efficient manner of obtaining those images as defined
 by the SDEP™ protocol, as well as the ability to verbalize key points of the SDEP™ protocol.

    • Click Here for more information: SonoPath SDEP Certification Program
  • SonoPath Membership Option
    • Some exclusive Benefits:
      • Exclusive 24 hour access to sonopath.com
      • Clinical search for your sick patients -- narrow down your potential DDX in our clinical search engine
      • Sonographic pathology search of just about every pathology that exists in clinical sonography in small animals of over 20,000 cases
      • SonoPath forum access and community participation
      • Interventional procedure instruction
      • Full access to the best on-line resource for clinical sonography and internal veterinary medicine that grows according to what you need as part of our community
      • Click here for more information or to sign up: SonoPath Membership
  • Downloadable Education Programs
    • Click here to view/download educational content
  • Education Support Products – Books, Digital Videos, SDEP Posters
    • Click here to view/download educational content
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  • RoutineWithin 24 Hours
  • STATWithin 2-6 Hours
  • * All hours listed are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • * STAT & Afterhours based on specialist availability


  • Monday – Friday8am – 6pm
  • Monday - Friday (STAT)
    *Dr. Lindquist & Dr. Daniel Only
    8am - 8pm
  • Saturday & Sunday (STAT)8am - 6pm
  • DACVIM (Cardiologist)
  • Monday (STAT)8am – 5pm
  • Tuesday – Thursday8am – 5pm
  • Friday8am – 3pm


  • Monday – Friday8am – 6pm
  • Monday-Friday (STAT)Upon email request/based on radiologist availability
  • *Radiologist RAD, CT, MRI & Ultrasound


  • Monday – Friday8am – 6pm

*Please email info@sonopath.com with any questions you may have regarding your case submittal. This email is monitored 7 days a week, but intermittently after hours. We will respond to you ASAP.

** We will do our best to accommodate your specific specialist request, but if the selected specialist is not available, we will forward it to the next available specialist.